Additions 2 - Pig Piggy Banks 2024

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Additions 2

Collection 2
Additions in 2021
2021: Covid-19 still exists and my piggy bank collection was surprized with two nice and rare additions. It was a start.......
Additions in 2022
This year started slow with two new ones (Januari). My collection is now just over 1200 old fashioned pig piggy banks.
Additions in 2023
The first acquisitions in 2023 are a Danish and a very nice Swedish piggy bank. And then 16 more piggy banks. Including 2 beautiful Japanese ones (still not entirely clear why these were imported to Sweden so much) and in the last days of the year the white AH piggy bank that I bought despite the damage, because of its rarity. In terms of quantity, 2023 was a lean year. I am not dissatisfied in terms of quality. Collectors always want more, that's a fact. But I have to remain selective, also because of the space I have to place them in the display cabinets.
Additions in 2024
So far, the growth of the collection has been below the level of previous years. The quality is good, as is the added value for my collection.

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