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How to?

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Ehh.... do you sell piggy banks???
When abroad a piggy bank collector wants to find genuine piggy banks. I do, and then specific pig piggy banks.
To find them one has to ask someone in the street, in the hotel, in the (antique or souvenir) shop, or asked a tourist board. Then the problem arises that you have no idea of the proper word for piggy bank in the language of the country you’re visiting. To help, you and myself, I have made a list.
It is of relevance to know that “piggy bank” (as you well know) in fact means a container to put money in, a savings bank. In some translations it can even mean a cash register. I tried to translate or describe the word or term ‘piggy bank I the shape of a pig’. All the given translations are checked with Google, they all present real pig piggy banks as picture.
American:(pig) piggy bank
Austrian: Sparschwein
Belarusian: скарбонка
Belgium: tirelire cochon/spaarvarken
Bulgarian: касичка (kasika)
Chinese: 存钱罐
Czech: pokladnička prasátko
Danish: sparebøsse
Dutch: spaarvarken
English: (pig) piggy bank
Esperanto: porkmonujeto
Estonian: hoiupõrsas
Finnish: säästöpossu
French: cochon tirelire
German: Sparschwein
Greek: κουμπαράς
Hebrew: קופת חיסכון
Hungarian: malac persely
Indonesian: celengan babi
Irish: muicín taisce
Italian: salvadanaio porcellino
Japanese: ブタの貯金箱

Korean: 돼지 저금통 (貯金筒)
Latvian: kiaulė taupyklė
Lithuanian: cūciņa banka
Malaysian: tabung piggy
Mexican: hucha cerdito
Norwegian: sparegris
Polish: skarbonka świnia
Portuguese: porquinho-mealheiro
Romanian: puşculiţă porc
Russian (свинья-) копилка
Scottish (Gaelic): cobhan-airgid
Slovak: kasica-prasica
Slovenian: šparovček / hranilnik
South-African: spaarvarkie/ piggy bank
Spanish: hucha cerdito
Swedish: spargris
Swiss:Sparschwein/tirelire cochon
Thai: กระปุกออมสิน
Turkish: domuz kumbara
Vietnamese: ống heo tiết kiệm
Welsh: cadw-mi-gei

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