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Italy (IT)/ Spain (ES)/ Portugal (PT)
The Italian piggy banks are notorious for their ears. Often already broken before you take them home. The piggy banks are available in 9 to 12 cm and 13,5 to 21 cm. Most piggy banks have the inscription "Italy" on the belly. But even when they are not hallmarked it is possible to clearly identify these kind of piggy banks as Italian.
In Europe in the distant past, Spain was the birthplace of the tile industry. A lot of pottery, with the same technology as tiles, was exported from Spain to Italy and a pottery industry flourished there too. From there many Italian potters went to Antwerp where tiles with ornamental patterns in various colours were made. From Antwerp the tile art spread to the Netherlands and further.
In the section "particular banks -promo/souvenir" you already have seen some piggy banks of the Canary Islands and Majorca (both part of Spain).  Here are some examples from the "mainland".
There are many types of pottery in Portugal, from traditional to modern. Red clay is often used as the basis. Portuguese potteries work in the traditional way, with great care for the finish, the colours and the designs. Throughout the country you will be surprised by tile panels on buildings and in old train stations. The Portuguese call these decorative tiles azulejos. They are often blue, which is strongly reminiscent of Delftware. About Portugese pig piggy banks of banks in general there is no furtgher information on the internet available.
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