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More world/ ???

Collection 2
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More world/ Question marks
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“Miscellaneous”, the (small) residual group. In this section you can see piggy banks from different countries which for one reason or another were not hosted in the classification groups (sections) in the subsequent pages you've seen.
Question marks
"Where could they come from?". I really don't know!
If you should recognize one or more of the piggy banks that are shown here do not hesitate to send me an e-mail.
I would be grateful.
  • Collection number 168: Purchased in PRAGUE in November 1993. Therefore assumed he was Czech. It is not!
  • Collection number 1156:  From a foreign collection (May 2020), origin unknown.
  • Collection number 1189:  This one contained Argentine banknotes. So Argentinian? Possible, but.......
For 1189 I looked at Argentine piggy bank sites and noticed one image of 1189 (in basic terracotta) with a history (Pygg clay…). Looked further at “terracotta” pig piggy banks on both Argentine and Spanish sites. Nothing found. Could mean that 1. I cannot search or cannot find; 2. that 1189 is old and no longer in production; 3. that he/she is not Argentinian or Spanish at all. For now I tend to have a Spanish or South American origin. Conclusion: 168 is certainly not Czech, as I have believed for almost 30 years..... And 1156 isn't Czech either.
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