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Potters (pig) piggy banks
Shown are piggy banks made by potters. These craftsmen and -woman that is, 'artist tagged' potters, dislike (pig) piggy banks, they regard that below their artistic dignity. But I could convince several of them to produce some beautiful ones for my collection. And there are still others who want to show their craftsmanship with a real piggy bank. See for yourself.
Next to more piggy banks made by professional potters I made a selection of my pig piggy banks that are fairly common in The Netherlands. What is there to tell about the “other” Dutch banks? See the images, they come from all over our country.
Kees van Moorsel
The basic form of these pig piggy banks is attributed to Kees van Moorsel (died 1981) since 1941 owner of the Vier Paddestoelen pottery (production until 1951; some sources report a major fire in the pottery factory in 1944 ) and from 1953 on owner of Pottery 't Kalkoentje in Remmerden, near Rhenen. The originals have the hallmark "KvM", I have one of them since january 2016. The others in my collection are (I assume) pigs produced by Pottery 't Kalkoentje between 1953-1967, with no brand KvM, one is hallmarked Rhenus. Length ± 15 cm. Retro Art Deco decor. Substrate: matt glaze, gray marl.
Two special piggy banks by Kees Van Moorsel, commissioned by the Stoomvaart Maatschappij Nederland (SMN), which existed until 1970. The one with the medallion is quite rare.
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